Get Smart!

Here are some simple guidelines to help determine if your old windows and doors need to be replaced:
  • there is water leaking inside
  • there is a draft coming in through the window/door
  • the wood is starting to rot or fade causing difficulty to paint
  • the windows are difficult to clean
  • excessive noise is entering through them
  • windows and/or doors are hard to open
  • dirt and/or mould is building up on the window
  • interior furniture is fading
  • doors do not lock easily
  • doors do not operate smoothly
  • daylight is shown around doors or windows

Let Pura Windows work for you and start reaping the benefits.

  • no more breezy drafts and cold rooms in your home. Stay warm over the frigid winter months
  • eliminate water leakage with optimal seal
  • enjoy maintenance free windows so you’ll never have to paint again
  • upgrade to dual or triple pane to reduce noise. Enjoy a zen-like atmosphere in your home
  • increase home security with a safe new smooth operating door and secure window locking hardware
  • eliminate health hazardous mould
  • extend the life of you furniture by blocking out UV and infrared rays
  • reduce your heating and cooling costs substantially
  • increase your home’s curb appeal
  • up your home’s re-sale value