Window and Door Installation

With our wide variety of windows including PVC w/brickmold attached, PVC inserts, metal clad wood, nail-fin (new builds), and colored exterior windows you will be sure we will meet your renovation or new-build needs. Scroll down to see some samples of our project work or click a button to jump to that section. Pura Windows can take on all your renovation needs and dreams with our knowledgeable hard-working staff and experienced installation crews. Whether your house is 100 years old or a brand-new build, we can meet your needs and improve your home in both beauty and efficiency. We are dedicated to our work and stand behind our installations. Pura Windows offers a 2-year installation warranty on all the products we install. For product/manufacturing warranty information visit

Window and Door Installation Projects

Many of our customers ask us to show them some samples of before and after of our door and window renovation projects. We have have started to gather up some images of these projects so we can show them to you.

Window Installation Projects

Blackstrap Window Installation

Gorgeous renovation at Blackstrap.  What a view of the lake.
In the pictures you can see 5 of the 12 windows we installed and a patio door.  We also installed a couple of side entrance doors (not shown).  Over all we installed about 200 square feet of windows greatly improving the spectacular view of the lake.

60 Year Old Window Replacement

We completed this kitchen window rennovation of a 1950’s home in about 3 hours. Before: The old windows were single pane. Very drafty and lots of heat loss. The owners had to caulk them shut to keep out the cold.
60 year old window replacement exterior before
60 year old window replacement interior before
After: We were able to save the millwork (casings and sill) to preserve the heritage look of the window.
60 year old window replacement exterior after
60 year old window replacement interior after

Door Installation Projects

Front Door

We took a tired old cumbersome door combination consisting of a saggy storm door and a second solid door and modernized this house’s rear entrance.
This retrofit added a ton of light to their back entrance and eliminated the drafts for another happy customer.

The Pura Windows Installation Process

We are often asked about the process we will go through to upgrade your home with new windows, new doors, new siding, or new blinds.  Of course every project is different so we can not detail this down to every last individual step but here is the general process that we follow to ensure you can expect years and years of top performing products after your home renovation.

Project Planning

Dave will meet with you for an on site consultation to discuss the project and take measurements.  This will give us a good understanding of what each step of the renovation will take.  From this will get the proper materials ordered and a beginning date for the project can be scheduled.  The before pictures become even more interesting as a side by side comparison after the project.


Dave and his crew will remove the old windows (and siding if needed), inspect the openings and replace any rotten wood if found. All while keeping the workplace/your home tidy.


The new windows are installed next! The preserve film keeps the glass perfectly clean like it came from the factory.


The fiber cement siding seen here is installed up to the windows and everything is sealed with caulking. The space around the windows on the interior is spray foamed to create a perfect air seal and insulation. Followed by casings to cover the gap and finish the look beautifully.

Post Construction Clean Up

We are confident you will enjoy your new windows, doors, siding and blinds.  We strive to hold the highest work standards in the industry.  When we leave, besides the tremendous upgrades to your home, you will not know we have been there.  We plan every job to leave the site as clean as when we arrived.